To You

you are loved

Yes, you. You have good days – when you’re floating through life with the music turned up high, when everyone loves you and you feel inspired and energetic. It’s easy to laugh and smile, and you could dance barefoot in the rain with joy. The sunshine makes you tilt your head back to feel the warmth, and rainy days are the best days for a steaming cup of tea. Conversations with friends make you throw your head back laughing and feel like hugging everyone around you. You finally finish that task that’s been worrying you for a week and write an interesting letter to someone new. And you just know that if only life was like this all the time, you’d be the happiest, most successful person in the world.

And then suddenly a frown fits better on your face than a smile. You’re positive the world is the most unfair place ever. The sunshine mocks your pain and the clouds heavy with rain make you feel as if the sky is crying along with you. When all you want is someone to care and someone to give you a hug. But the whole world is in a battle against you, and nothing will ever be right again. Music is too loud for your headache and dancing in the rain gives you sniffles. You plod to your next job, hoping against hope that you will have enough energy and motivation to get it done. If not – who cares? Nobody.


The worst days of all sneak up on you when you least expect it. You sigh more than you smile, cry more than you laugh, and wish for nothing but a long nap. You use up a whole box of tissues in five hours and take some aspirin for your head and wrap your arms tight around yourself. Everything looks gray and dull and exhausting, and that steaming cup of tea is cold. Somehow, without even trying, a list of trials and tribulations begins forming in your mind. You remember five things you forgot to do yesterday at the same time you trip and spill hot coffee down your front. At the end of the day, all you think is: I am so tired of this. I don’t want to do this anymore.

But you should.

Keep going, keep walking, keep breathing.

Ahead of you, there will be good days. Soon you will feel like dancing like no one else is watching. Soon you will get to visit people you love. Soon you will be smiling crazily as you type messages back and forth as quickly as you can. Soon you will be inspired and the rest of that story will be written, and it will be beautiful. Soon that pile of laundry will be sorted and washed, and your room will be clean again. Soon dancing in the rain, even if you don’t have anyone to dance with, will be the highlight of your week. Soon you’ll just add tea and sugar and ice cubes to the tea you forgot, stir it up, and smile while you drink it.

There are other days, there are other chances.

You’ll be dancing again before you know it.

May your journey be ever onward,


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